Sunday, May 3, 2009

Show#5-"I don't get it."

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This White Sox team is hard to figure out, but Adam and Jeff are here to give you a laugh while we try. We'll talk about our rained out game, This Week in White Sox Baseball, get in on Jermain Dye's Prayer Circle, oil up with Herm Schneider, laugh it up with Carl, and lots of Sox Bytes!

Check out this great cartoon by Carl Skanberg from the "Smells Like Mascot" Blog!
Better yet, check out his blogs at
Smells Like Mascot

As promised, here are some pictures of Adam and Jeff at the (rained out)game!
Here's Adam, Jeff and the old man. One of the park people in green shirts took it.

This is Adam with said green shirt girl.

Adam and Jeff after the game, not too happy about the rain.

Adam and Southpaw. Southpaw raspberried to get Adam to laugh. Mission accomplished.

Adam and Jeff on the Punch Parade. You can see the new out of town scoreboard and the impending threat of rain.

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Dan B. said...

This team is really starting to get on my nerves. The lack of timely hitting which leaves guys on base is ridiculous.

Fields and CQ really blew a chance to become heros on Sunday night. If we can't move guys around, this is going to be a long season. My prediction based on the games played so far... .500 at best.

Adam and Jeff said...

You said it, Dan. Very frustrating to watch. You gotta hold out hope that the offense will heat up though....right? I hope to God that's right.

Dan B. said...

Yeah, we do need to hold out hope for the offense. Maybe I'm being a little hard on them considering the number of injuries, but I can't help thinking that putting together a "Hammer's Row" in 3-6 batting spots is a good idea. It's not going to change anytime soon but if those guys don't hit home runs, we're doomed.

David said...

love the return of the awesome brian anderson voice! when does dungeon master gavin floyd come back?

Adam and Jeff said...

Ha! That's music to my ears David! I just wrote a Brian Anderson bit we may do in the show this week. I love the whiney BA voice. And yeah, the Gavin Floyd Dungeon Master was one of my favorites'll have to make another appearance.
Go Sox!

Dan B. said...

I wasn't to in to the homosexual Herm. Not that I was offended, just didn't really laugh.

But whenever you do a Brian Anderson v. Dwayne Wise bit, I laugh my ass off.

carl said...

Thanks fellas.

This podcast is now officially a weekly appointment for me and my carpool.

BTW, the Mascot cartoon blog is updated at least once a week, on Friday morning, which happens to be my deadline for the Southtown Star newspaper Sunday Sports section.

Thanks again.

Adam and Jeff said...

Dan B..about the Herm bit...looked better on paper.
Carl...proud to have you aboard. I'll try and remember to mention your cartoon schedule on the podcast. Good to know!
Thanks for listening and commenting guys!