Sunday, June 29, 2008

Episode#14-Revenge of the Sox!

Christ! These Sunday night games are killing me. Okay, a new episode of Oral Sox is now available.
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What do we cover in the show? I'll tell you what we cover. We cover a great week of White Sox baseball! We recap the week in This Week In White Sox Baseball, get religious in Jermaine Dye's Prayer Circle, interview ailing, pitching coach Don Cooper, take some advice from Ron Santo, and then talk a helluva lot of Cubs/Sox baseball in Sox Bites!

Here are a couple of youtube videos as promised in the podcast. Thanks to the Sox Machine Blog for making me aware of it, and to hawkeye1659 for getting them on the net.

Sunday, June 22, 2008

Episode#13-Eff you Cubs! Oh, and eff you White Sox too!

A new episode of Oral Sox is now available!

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As a nature of the beast, the show is very Cub heavy this week. First we cover the week in This Week In White Sox Baseball. Then we listen to Steve Stone and Kenny Williams as they talk Cubs. Next we listen in to the Cubs Clubhouse with Sheldon Schwartz, and have a "conversation" with Joe Morgan. Finally we wrap it up with some news and some Dirty Sox.

Sunday, June 15, 2008

Episode#12-Slumpy! Again!

A new episode of Oral Sox is now available! Download this episode by right clicking and choosing "save target as," here.
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Sorry in advance, for a decidedly dour mood hanging over the pocast as we recap the week in This Week In White Sox Baseball. We try to forget the lack of hitting by making Sox/Cubs bets with a Cubs podcast, play a game of Where's OzWaldo, and revisit Ozzie Guillen, Bat Whisperer. Then we try a new segment of Sox News, talk a little Dirty Sox, and wrap it up.

Sunday, June 8, 2008

Episode#11-Back on The South Side Again!

Episode#11 of Oral Sox is now available for download here

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Ozzie yelled, and the offense said how high in a tremendous explosion of runs this week! We'll talk about all the runs in TWIWSB, get some tips from CQ in the new bit Q-Tips, play a recording of the so-called "Ligue Manifesto,"
then get a visit from the seer Skeletor Ramirez. Adam and Jeff then discuss the Sox awesome-ness in Dirty Sox, and then Ozzie and Ed take us through the Post Show Wrapup.

Sunday, June 1, 2008

Episode#10-Left On Base

Episode #10 of Oral Sox, The Weekly White Sox Podcast, is now available for download here!
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This week had it's ups and downs, but we'll try and make ya laugh. We're sticking with TWIWSB, listen in on a Cabrera phone call, watch B.A. get pranked, watch Danny Mac defiling Nancy Foust, discuss the terrible hitting in Dirty Sox, and finally the Post Show Wrapup.

Oh and a special thanks goes out to Jay Gish for providing us the organ "music" for both of the Nancy Faust bits. I remembered to mention it during the show, and then Jeff said something stupid which made me forget. Great work Jay, thanks for getting that to us despite being a complete non-Sox fan. You can see Jay's talents at his website Comedy County or at where he does comedy with Jeff and Adam.