Sunday, July 27, 2008

Episode#18-Ranger and Tigers and Errors, Oh My!

The next episode or Oral Sox is now available! Isn't that great!

Paul Konerko, if he were to listen, would download it. And he would do so by right clicking here and saving target as..etc etc.

Now Carlos Quentin, he wouldn't bother. He would listen to it through our streaming flash player by pushing the play button below. He's good like that.

Joe Crede has some time on his hands, so he would read about what's going to be in the show.
The Chicago White Sox dominated two offensive juggernauts this week, which Adam and Jeff will discuss in This Week in White Sox Baseball. We'll also get another listen to the Ligue Crew, and a visit from the enemy GM Jim Hendry. Lots of roster moves and news to discuss in Sox Bites, and we gripe so more about the lack of White Sox love.

Sunday, July 20, 2008

Episode#17-All Star Oral

The All Star episode of Oral Sox is now available! You can download the show should you choose to here.

Or you can listen to the show "live" through our fancy schmancy flash player below by pushing the play button. Push it. Push it real good.

The White Sox got Royal-y screwed this week, which we'll cover in This Week In White Sox Baseball. We also discuss the All Star Game, and how our representatives fared, plus give you the listener some All Star Oral Sox Comedy Bits. We also take a look back at past teammates from the '05 season and discuss news and quotes in Sox Bites.

Also make sure you check out the blog post below this one if you haven't yet for more Oral Sox comedy written form.

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Whoa! Justin need to back the eff up.

This is an open letter to Minnesota Twins darling Justin Morneau.

Dear Justin Morneau, or as I like to call you, blank-faced douche lick,

I'm gonna need you to back the fuck up!

After a tremendously tedious 5+ hour "All-Star" Game, in which thankfully the AL won, how am I rewarded?

With the satisfaction and relief knowing that should the Chicago White Sox make it to The Series again (touch wood), they would have home field advantage?


Am I rewarded with a spectacular fireworks show celebrating the AL win in Yankee Stadium, followed by a wrecking ball smashing the shit out of that legendary park?


Am I rewarded with a classic clutch Crede winning hit or game saving play?

Fuck No.

I'm "rewarded" with this.

Wow. Okay. I'm gonna try and collect myself here.

Listen here, Justin...I'm gonna need you to step the fuck away from my Carlos, and I'm gonna need you to do it toot sweet.

I know you play all the way up there in the beautiful frozen tundra that is Minnesota, but let me let you in on a little information. CARLOS QUENTIN IS MINE MOTHERFUCKER!

I was the only guy I knew who was excited when Kenny Williams made this trade, and that was before I knew how fucking good looking CQ was. Just look at him. Christ!

You play one fucking game as his teammate and all of the sudden it's all hugs and fucking kisses! BACK THE FUCK UP! And while you're at it, go back to ice fishing with Joe Mauer, or whatever the fuck you assholes do up there in the north fucking pole!

Carlos and I are together. Carlos and I have something special. Carlos and I are soulmates, AND YOUR FUCKING IT ALL UP!!


Okay, so in recap...back the fuck up...CQ is all Chicago and all mine. You touch him again, outside of incidental contact on the baseball diamond, and I will skull fuck you and your fucking eskimo buddies. Actually by the look that's usually on your face, you probably can't read, so I'll make this simple.

This is cool.

This is technically okay, but watch yourself.


Okay I think we understand eachother. Thank you in advance for backing the fuck up, and if you're not too busy...BACK THE FUCK UP!

Oh, and Carlos. Don't think I didn't notice this while you were watching Mr. Morneau during the Home Run Derby.

You're sleeping on the couch tonight. Bitch.

The Oral Sox Podcast

Sunday, July 13, 2008

Episode#16-Rallies and Routs

The new episode of The Oral Sox Podcast is now available!
You can listen to it below, by pushing the play button. Go ahead. It's fun.

Or you can download it to throw it on your mp3 player to listen at your leisure by right clicking and saving target as here.

Nothing but more exciting White Sox baseball this week as the pitching lets us down, and the offense picks it up. We cover Kansas City and Texas in This Week in White Sox Baseball, laugh it up with The Three Shortstops, reveal J.D. and O.C.'s argument in the dugout, have callers ask Herm Schneider questions, and then wrap it up with Sox Bites.

Also we have available the video of the Cabrera and Dye fight in the dugout we talked about in the podcast. Check it.

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Sox-y Pics Pushing J.D. to N.Y.C.

Now the hot chicks have jumped on the bandwagon!

Everyone want's Jermaine Dye to go to the All Star Game! Keep voting and lets send JD to NYC.
In Chicago White Sox team news, Pablo Ozuna has been designated for assignment and Jenks is on the disable list as somewhat predicted by us at Oral Sox. Not that you need to be genius to figure that out.
Here's another prediction for a result of Jenks going on the dl, they'll bring up our favorite Jewish (?) relief pitcher Ehren Wasserman. And yet another prediction...he won't do as well as he does in the minors. Again...really going out on a limb there.

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Vote For Dye!

Even P Diddy wants Dye in the All Star Game, so go vote already!!

Check out the stats of the other players while you're at it, and it's obvious J.D. deserves to be the All Star Final Vote winner. And yeah, maybe Rowand doesn't deserve it by the numbers, but's Rowand...he's awesome, so vote for him while you're at it.

Interesting that the White Sox home page tells you to vote for Rowand, and no mention of Carlos Lee. Hmmmmm.

You have until Thursday at 4PM CT to get JD to NYC.

Monday, July 7, 2008

Episode#15-Home Sweet Home

Okay, now the new episode of Oral Sox is available! You can listen through our nice and nifty flash player below

Or you can download by right clicking and "saving target as," here.

The White Sox keep the wins coming and in dramatic fashion! We'll cover the games in This Week in White Sox Baseball, visit the bullpen with Gavin Floyd, get another mysterious Ligue tape, and then listen to some Sox Bites!

Hey! Check it out! Adam and Jeff went to the Sox game on Monday (half price night...those cheap bastards) and they were mere rows away from Jim Thome's massive 3-run blast in the 1st.

Sunday, July 6, 2008

Not yet.

Sorry, but the new episode will not be ready on Sunday night/Monday morning as usual. Adam and Jeff had a busy and fun 4th out of town, and they need a good night sleep before covering the week. The new show will be available Monday night.