Sunday, May 17, 2009

Show#7-A Change Is Gonna Come

The next Oral Sox show is up and ready for listening! You can download it by right-clicking and saving target,here.
I'm not allowing the flash player this week to see if it effects our numbers at all. If you listen to the show with the flash player and don't like this...let me know.
The White Sox won 1 game this week and Jeff and Adam still have hope...for some reason. We'll recap the games in This Week in White Sox Baseball, pick on Brent Lillibridge with a quick parody song and parody movie clip, bust some slumps with Sheldon Schwartz, hear from expert JJ Stankevitz on the upcoming Twin series, and wrap it up with some Bites!
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Thanks JJ.


JJ said...

Oh, sweet, I'm an "expert" now. Thanks for letting me on your show!

David said...

good show, way to keep it positive in hard times. and glad sheldon schwartz finally made his return!

Adam and Jeff said...

Thanks David and JJ. We'll have to figure out the recording of the skype thing better JJ. Sorry it didn't all get on there. Thankfully, you came in pretty clearly. Thanks for doing it again and hope we will WANT to do it further in the season (ya know...cuz the Sox suck so much).

Dan B. said...

Alright fellas, I want you guys to make a bet and defend it (on the air or on this blog):

Name the player who if he got hot, would spark the turnaround for the Sox.

I ask this because if we are to believe that there is a chance for the team to get hot, I want to hear who you think is going to lead the way. Or put another way, who must get hot for the team to win the division?

Looking forward to your thoughts.

laimis said...

Great show, I am glad I found it. If you guys could make me listen and laugh and walk away feeling better during that horrible week that sox played, I will listen to you all the time.

Adam and Jeff said...

Thanks laimis. Glad you like what you're hearing! Keep listening, and we'll keep with the podcastin'