Sunday, May 24, 2009

Show#8-Good and Peaved

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I'm not allowing the flash player again to see if it effects our numbers at all. If you listen to the show with the flash player and don't like this...let me know.

The White Sox had 2 winning series, but got rejected by Jake Peavy and talk Jake Peavy we will. Adam brings along a parody song and then we listen in to Scott Linebrinks phone conversation. Sox Bites recaps the news of the week, which yes, has more Peavy talk. Peavy.
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1 comment:

Dan B. said...

Good show fellas. Thanks for sticking your necks out regarding which player will spark the turnaround.

I see some things clicking this week but need to see the results of a real test... playing KC this weekend.

A couple more thoughts. I would say that CQ is going to have a very tough time this year. His foot is going to continually nag him and affect his performance. Also, what's with Scotty Pods' "happy feet" at the plate. Whatever he's doing, it seems to be working!