Sunday, August 29, 2010

Show #23-Hold On Loosely

Will you root for Manny? Are you tired of the Twitter talk? Can you throw in the bullpen?? All these questions and more on the new Oral Sox Podcast! You can download the show by right-clicking and saving target,here.
Or you can listen to the show through our flash player by hitting the play button below.

It's a lollapalooza of a show, what with Frank Thomas Day, injuries, Ozzie, Oney, Kenny and let's not forget Manny! Adam and Jeff will cover first the week's games in This Week in White Sox Baseball. We'll also cover the usual segments, hear some listener voicemails on the Oral Sox Hotline, and check in with the Ligues. Too much show! Don't forget that you only have one more week to enter the Oral Sox Hotline Contest for brownies!
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And very exciting, the Oral Sox Podcast now has a phone number to allow you to leave voicemails for the show! So go ahead and give us some oral 312-899-ORAL(6725)

Only one more week to enter the Oral Sox Hotline Contest so get those entries in if you want some brownies! Leave your name, where you're calling from and what your favorite part of the show is. We'll pick our favorite call and you'll get my world famous icebox White Sox brownies! It only takes a minute and if you click on the google button on the right, google will call your phone to help you leave a voicemail. How cool is that?


Red Star Studio said...

Sheldon Schwartz has to go into the Manny-fied clubhouse before the season is up! It'll be great!

David said...

with the return of the awesome ligues, i too was pondering a sheldon schwartz return.

when i heard AJ hit that homer tonight, i cued up the "i always believed in you drop," as i thought the double play was inevitable. nice win!

shane said...

is it too late to take hurricane as my cinch for stench this week?