Sunday, August 1, 2010

Show #19-A Little's Enough

Are the White Sox better or worse after the trade deadline? How many bloggers will Skype abide? How do you get pinkeye? All these questions and a big in depth interview on the new Oral Sox Podcast! You can download the show by right-clicking and saving target,here.
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What a show Jeff and Adam have in store for you in this week's Oral Sox Podcast! First there's the all the winning going on on the South Side, which we'll discuss in This Week In White Sox Baseball along with the usual segments. More importantly, we have a very special edition of Phone Sox doing a analysis of the White Sox trade deadline moves with bloggers JJ Stankevitz of The Examiner, Jim Margulus of Soxmachine and Larry at South Side Sox!! We'll wrap the show up with Sox Bites but also announce a new way to get in touch with the show, a phone number to call and leave voicemails. Give us some Oral.
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And very exciting, the Oral Sox Podcast now has a phone number to allow you to leave voicemails for the show! So go ahead and give us some oral 312-899-ORAL(6725)

Thanks go out again to the guys for joining us on the show. Here's how you find them:
Jim you can find at SoxMachine
JJ you can find at The Examiner
Larry you can find at South Side Sox


Shane said...

I saw that Vizquel quote that you guys used in Sox Bites (about adding pieces), and I really liked Ozzie's reaction: "Good for him. His job is to play, not to make trades." I actually meant to send you guys a link to that story this week, but forgot all about it. Classic Ozzie.

Also, even though you guys refrained from choosing, I'll take AJ GIDP as my C4S this week.

Adam and Jeff said...

Yes not even sure thing first balloters can escape the wrath of ozzie Shane. It's a good thing it wasn't a white guy who said it though, cause he'd be off the team.

A.J. is a good choice, but will he get enough playing time to qualify?

Duke said...

Long time listener, first time commenter...I like the new sound effect for Alexei, but it doesn't seem racist enough. Could you maybe add some Cuban music in the background of the missile command effect?

Adam and Jeff said...

Duke, Thanks for listening!Love the idea, will work on it. (Cuban music? Is that the same as Mexican music?)