Sunday, August 22, 2010

Show #22-Everything Sux

Can things get worse? Is Mark Teahen injured? Does Adam where pants during Phone Sox interviews? All these questions and mores on the new Oral Sox Podcast! You can download the show by right-clicking and saving target,here.
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Another shitty week of gut-wrenching losses and you can hear it in the voices of Adam and Jeff as they cover This Week In White Sox Baseball. We'll cover the usual segments, hear a special visit from the #1 fan to the White Sox club house for a pep talk, have some Phone Sox with Larry from the South Side Sox, and wrap it up with Sox Bites. Also, the voicemail contest continues! Leave your voicemails or text at 312-899-ORAL or 31-BUZZORAL for a chance to win BROWNIES!
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As featured this week in Phone Sox: Larry from the South Side Sox blog. Check him out and get a free reaming when mentioning the Oral Sox Podcast.
Larry at South Side Sox


Jim said...

The reason Ozzie wants a third catcher is to be able to use the backup catcher more aggressively. Having Flowers around gives Ozzie the option to use Castro as a DH, or maybe in a late-inning PH situation (and not for AJ). Right now, he doesn't do that because he doesn't want to risk being without a catcher.

David said...

what a week.

c4s - hard to narrow it down, but i'll say Q. the bullpen can't blow EVERY game...

Adam and Jeff said...

Thanks Jim. Good info and a good point. I wouldn't mind seeing Castro get more ABs. Now will it be Flowers or Lucy? Only time will tell.

David said...

for drop purposes alone, i hope that donny gets called back up.