Sunday, September 5, 2010

Show#24-Victory Strikes Again

Sick of Manny talk yet? Can the Sox keep the winning streak going? Did you win brownies? All these questions and more on the new Oral Sox Podcast! You can download the show by right-clicking and saving target,here.
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6 game winning streak, but only 1 game gained in the standings, yet Adam & Jeff remain optimistic. They'll cover the week's games in This Week In White Sox Baseball, cover the usual segments, revisit an old friend in Sheldon Schwartz, and wrap it all up with Sox Bytes. Yes another long one. Blame Manny!
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b ill said...

Most often I'm listening to Ed Farmer and DJ on gameday audio. I love listening to Ed Farmer 100 times more than Hawk. My favorite combo was Farmer and Stone on the radio. Watch on and listen to gameday audio on iPod MLB At Bat App. You can choose home or away if the game is available.

If Fox is showing a game anywhere in the country, even though they might not be showing a particular game in Honolulu, I don't get to watch it, but can still listen to the gameday audio broadcast. Fox almost never shows the WHite Sox game out here.

David W. said...

I also watch the White Sox games that same way as Bill through which you can now use on the PlayStation 3 and it lets you chose which coverage of the game you want home or away, also all the game are in HD as long as you have a fast enough internet connection. It is the best way i have ever watched the Sox it you can skip innings with a touch of a button. It only costs 120$ which is a lot better then the near 300$ MLB extra inning on Direc Tv cost.

David said...

i'm a gameday audio person too; only get to see the sox when they're on a national broadcast.

can't believe you've broken bad on manny so fast. it's only a month; give the guy a chance to produce. if he sucks, then let him have it. but he's already gotten a few hits, so let's see what he can do. and don't blame him for playing time - that's ozzie's decision, and ozzie loves to spread out the playing time to his bench guys.

finally, even though you hate manny, he already has drops. what more does edwin jackson need to do for you guys to get his drops? why are we not talking about the fact that this guy has been an ACE since he's arrived?

Adam and Jeff said...

Yes, David. Put Jeff in his place. Give Manny a chance! And there IS an Edwin Jackson drop-"he has a big boy crush on Action Jackson," but you're right...given his incredible performance with the Sox he does deserve more. In general I don't use a lot of drop for pitchers. (Defending my obvious racism).
Since you guys hear Farmer so much, does he annoy you as much as he annoys Jeff?
Farmer and Stone were good, but what about Farmer and Rooney. Doesn't get better than that in my opinion.

shane said...

i haven't listened to the show yet, but i want to put in my cinch for stench before today's early game. this week i'll take alexei, aka "the original ramirez"

David said...

forgot about the jackson drop! apologies.

farmer and rooney were the best, because farmer is MUCH better as a color guy than as a play-by-play guy. i loved that combo.

i love listening to farmer; i understand the complaints, but i'm used to farmer and think he's pretty funny. i love that he's a cranky old southsider, but at the same time is totally deadpan in all his complaints, especially when he has to talk about jhonny peralta's name.

PS manny "scored" the game-winning run today via pinch runner. just sayin'.

David said...

also, one game late c4s=pierre? seems hard to guess who will get all the starts this week.

shane said...

i have a prediction. next week's twins-sox series will see only average attendance, resulting in hawk and farmer (incidentally, i love hawk and find farmer to be borderline unbearable) and the local columnists all bitching about how the fans aren't supporting this year's team, especially during such an important series...yadda yadda. i was just thinking today, at this point, i am not even looking forward to watching those games next week on tv. therefore i obviously don't want to spend the time and money on going to the game. yet i think all of us sox fans who don't go to those games are about to get a scolding.

having said that, i'm actually going to next friday's game against the tigers, and i am looking forward to that, although that's somewhat due to the halfway to st. patrick's day music and green uniforms.

Adam and Jeff said...

Already hearing the attendance talk Shane. I really hate attendance talk. You know what? How about you lower the ticket prices. Save some money by NOT signing guys like Teahen and Kotsay who are below replacement level. As a relatively poor Sox fan, I feel guilty about not going to more games...but it just can't be helped. Too expensive and yeah, it is a hassle to get to the Cell. And yes Shane, the Twin series are no fun. So much on the line and the Sox continually play like shit against them. Wouldn't be so bad if they just played solid baseball.
Go Sox!

Adam and Jeff said...

Oh and thanks guys for sharing your thoughts on the broadcasts and how you view Sox games. Interesting to me to hear different opinions...especially on Ed Farmer. DJ's even been breaking bad on the team lately. I don't mind the criticism of the team at all. But, with Farmer especially, there's a fine line between criticizing (which voices the opinion of the listener, usually) and "shut up Farmer! It's bad enough already!"

Duke said...

I feel like the "Well Said, Mr. Turkeyneck" part of this commercial would make a good Joe West drop:

In case you're looking for ideas.

Adam and Jeff said...

I'm pulling that audio now Duke. Nice job. Thanks!

b ill said...

I agree that Farmer and Rooney were a great combo. DJ is getting better, I wish he would just let me know what happens first, and then do the longer version. When DJ is doing play-by-play I'm like, "so did he get a hit? WHat's happening here?" Just found out this week, that if I have a good connection, will let me play the score audio along with the TV coverage. You can even choose to just listen to the sound at the ballpark.

And, how about that game today? Don't call it a comeback.