Sunday, May 2, 2010

Show #6-There's No Solution

Did you really expect to win two series on the road against offensive powerhouses like Texas and New York? Neither did we in the new Oral Sox Podcast! You can download it by right-clicking and saving target,here.
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Another two series losses and there doesn't seem to be much good to talk about. Nor does it seem like it's gonna get any better. But Adam and Jeff will try and make it less painful in This Week In White Sox Baseball. We'll identify who's a hamburger and who's the lettuce and tomato in the McDLT segment. We give our cinches for stench and ask you to send in yours. We get a little steamy with JJ Stankevitz in the first "Phone Sox" of the season. We tweet off and finish with Sox Bites. Programming note: We have extended the TCQ drop contest another week, so there's still time to get those entries in!
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JJ said...

I am sitting around in my Mizzou jerseys, big whoop, wanna fight about it?

Always good talking with you guys--can't wait for the next one.

Dave W. said...

Can't say I am late this time but again Cinch for Stench will be: Juan Pierre F this guy he can't seem to do anything right makes me miss Royce Clayton for god's sake and i hated that man. Keep up the good work.

PS going with Dave W because there is already a David that posts and that would be confusing i would think.

Matt said...

Cinch for stench: alexei ramirez

wolfhound said...

I was at the last Sox vs. Ranger game. I had to leave early as the daughter was getting sick. Of course, I am also feeling sick with this small ball trash. What is the team batting average? Shouldn't be higher when you build a team that is supposed to hit with consistency?

Enjoy the podcast. Keep it up.

Wabonsie Valley '89
Southern Illinois '97

Van (Chisox72) said...

Cinch for Stench : Alexei Ramirez

Great show as always fellas, but I agree with Jeff with Alexei at SS and his lack of a bat so far this year, I am missing Juan Uribe as well. But two Juan's could not exisit on this team.

Shane said...

My cinch for stench: Gordon Beckham. I echo the sentiment of the guy who nominated him last week, it's painful to say it, but that's what his play is making me think. That being said, I'd love to be wrong and hope that 7 home games with The Outfield blaring to pep him up will inspire him to do great things.

Matt said...

Great show. Thank you, needed it for obvious baseball reasons and having a hell of crap day/week/month...
Cinch will be Bobby Jenks. The Sox MUST come up with NEW ways to keep losing, right?
You would think they had come to the bottom of the barrel by now, the late relief has only been marginally bad, so, lets start blowing them late??!??

David said...

mizzou sucks, go illini! nice appearance by JJ anyways.

Dan B. said...

Cinch is Jenks. If he actually gets a chance to blow it.

Dan B. said...

Three hits? That's all we got? Three goddam hits?