Sunday, April 25, 2010

Show #5-Growing Pains

Hey, some fun stuff to talk about!! And we do, in the new Oral Sox Podcast! You can download it by right-clicking and saving target,here.
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An ass-kicking from the Rays and a sweep of the Mariners leaves these podcasters on a good note, and they'll discuss it in This Week in Whitesox Baseball. Who's the hamburger and who's the lettuce and tomato? Find out in the McDLT segment. Pick your Cinch for Stench, and listen to Jeff berating Barack. Twitter talk and Sox Bites round out the show, and let's not forget the CQ drop contest!
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David said...

great show, guys. i think all our spirits are raised a touch after a sweep. let's hope it keeps going! a couple thoughts:

- i can't believe you didn't finish off that obama bit with him saying his favorite player was dewayne "weese."

- i enjoyed booming-voiced andruw jones almost as much as frazzled restaurateur kenny williams.

- cinch for stench this week: juan pierre.

Dan B. said...

Cinch for stench: Beckham. It hurts me to say it.

Dave W. said...

Another great show guys, this show is the only thing that is going to save a very bad season i think, and with that Cinch for Stench will be: Juan Pierre F this guy why can't he be as good as he is in MLB 2k10 he is hitting .400 for me.
PS. Now every time Randy Williams shows up in game all i hear is that Randy drop from American dad :(

Butch said...

I enjoyed the show, as usual, except for the segment on the other Chicago baseball team. As far as what the North Siders are up to, I borrow a quote from Alex Rios: "Who gives a fuck?"