Monday, May 24, 2010

Show #9-I Want To Break Free

Is Kenny gonna blow up the White Sox? Are the Sox busting out of their offensive struggles? What did you think of the Lost Finale? All of this and more will be discussed in the new Oral Sox Podcast. You can download it by right-clicking and saving target,here.
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The White Sox certainly didn't do good, but they didn't do that bad either. Adam and Jeff will cover it all in This Week In White Sox Baseball, with a special recap by John Danks. We'll cover the McDLT hot and cold players of the week, the cinch for stench, the tweet of week and Sox Bites. Finally, we'll listen in to Kenny on a tech support call.
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Dave said...

Cinch for Stench = Konerko

shane said...

Guys, nice work with the Danks bit. Good stuff.

As much as I'd like to take another ride on the Beckham stench train, I've gotta switch it up, so I'll take Teahen as my Cinch for Stench.

Matt said...

cinch: kotsay

Dan B. said...

The Danks bit was probably your best ever. Certainly this year.

Did Older Brother Chris write that? Just f'ing with you.

David said...

man, and i was set to pick umpires as CfS this week. too late!