Monday, May 10, 2010

Show#7-Time Is Running Out

Did the White Sox mess with Jake Peavy's mechanics? Does Juan Pierre's mother like him? Can Kenny Williams sing? The questions will be answered and more in the new Oral Sox Podcast! You can download it by right-clicking and saving target,here.
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The White Sox fortunes hinged on one game this week, and Adam and Jeff are starting to hear the rumblings of impending doom. We'll cover the games as usual in This Week In White Sox Baseball along with the usual other segments, get an earful from the Mothers of White Sox players, announce a contest winner in the CQ drop contest, hear Kenny Williams karaoke, and tie it up in a Mother's Day bow with Sox Bites.
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From the podcast-Kenny Karaoke sings "Goodbye Ozzie"


carl said...

I want to play cinch to stench. Me and the boys at the Itasca Massage Envy are going with Omar Vizquel.

Matt said...

cinch4stench = carlos quentin

David said...

CfS = AJ.

i wish cinch for stench had been around when we had griffey.

Dan B. said...

CfS is Carlos Q.

shane said...

excellent choice on the drop contest fellas! for this week's cinch for stench i'd love to double down on beckham, but since that's against the rules i'm gonna have to back-up jeff here and take alexei. at this point he's essentially a skinnier uribe, right?

Chad said...

cinch 4 stench: pierre