Sunday, August 30, 2009

Show#22-Comfortably Numb

A new Oral Sox show is now available, and we're surprisingly upbeat. It must have something to do with THE CONTEST and definitely not the White Sox. We finally announce a winner and you can hear your entries if you submitted. You can download it by right-clicking and saving target,here.
Or you can listen to the show through our flash player by hitting the play button below.

Finally (sadly), you're predictable. Two big series losses to two good teams in the Yankees and the Red Sox leave Adam and Jeff sadly discussing just one win in This Week in White Sox Baseball. Then onto more festive things, we get to hear the CONTEST ENTRIES and winner!! Good stuff. We wrap things up with Sox Bytes and a feeling of desensitized ennui.
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JJ said...

Nice use of the "that team sure did suck" quote, but if the Sox were a football team, they'd be welcomed back to Chicago like this:
"Hey, look! There's a big crowd to welcome us back even though we lost..."
"Hey, I'll give you something to cry about, you loser! You can't catch a football? Let's see if you can catch a rock!"

JJ said...

Also, thanks for the plug, guys!

White Sox Cards said...

Nice show! Great contest! I heard all of my alternates used by other people, including the winner. I guess great minds think alike.

Dan B. said...

Congratulations guys on getting a number of entries to the contest. The Best Around song was awesome and David gets a well-deserved T-shirt.

Thank God for the Beckham contest because there is pretty much nothing that Sox fans can rally around right now.

David said...

i'm honored and humbled to have won the contest, even though nobody could really outbacon beckham. the white sox need to get a little more like the cobra kai and go for the kill if they're going to win any more games.

i'll wear the oral sox shirt and display my support of vaguely racist humor and anti-linebrinkery for all to see!

(and as a man of polish descent myself, i enjoyed polish chris getz.)

Van said...

David was the man and submitted his walk up music first so I gracefully take second place. Congrats.

Nice show fellas and a great contest.

I would never pitch for the A's, I hate the white shoes.

REMEMBER with the upcoming series with the Twins, Screw Carlos Gomez and his jerk faces and his bouncing hooping in center field.

Van - ChiSox72

Adam and Jeff said...

David, gracious in victory. Pure class. I'll be emailing you buddy. Congrats. Van, gracious in defeat..and oh so close. Steve! I totally didn't connect you and you're blog!! I'm a doofus. I'll make a note to plug the blog next show. Thanks for all the entries guys, and for listening to a super long podcast to hear em. These Sox have to play better so I can just shut up already.

Adam and Jeff said...

Thome and Contreras traded for prospects--one a weak infielder and the other maybe promising starting pitcher. Thoughts?

David said...

not bad by lando; thome is a FA at the end of the season, so getting something for the one-month rental is fine. i can't believe anyone would even want contreras; has colorado seen him pitch this season?

more importantly, will this move break alexei's heart and ruin him? we know his love for jose runs deep...

The Crazy Runner said...

Great submissions by everyone in the contest! I will graciously accept that I have been defeated (just like the Sox have been for the past week and a half...AAAHHH!)

Adam, Jeff.........I'll gladly take and particapatory gifts you want to give out and use it in pride to help promote your great show!

Keep up the good work guys!

shane said...

What I don't understand about last night's trades is that we seem to have gotten a better player in return for Contraras than we did for Thome. Turning Contreras into anything was fantastic, at least now Ozzie can't be tempted to start him anymore. But a 26 year old in his 4th year of single-A for Thome? How does Thome not have more value than that? And if not, what's even the motivation to get rid of him?

Chad said...

Vin Scully called Brandon Allen the next Ryan Howard last night (apparently, I heard this secondhand).. I call Tony Pena the next Scott Linebrink all the time, so I guess that trade is going to work out well..

Both trades were probably a good idea, and the Thome deal seems to be more about giving the Gentleman a chance to win than anything else. I approve..

It doesn't really make up for everything but the six weeks of Sox baseball has given us (in no particular order)..
1. A perfect game..
2. A 2-strike 2-out rally to close out our time in the Metrodome..
3. A shut-out of the Cubs to take the season series..
4. The Out Bacon Beckham contest..

The season will ultimately be a disappointment, but I guess things could be worse (see point 3)..

Maybe time to break out the Bloggenfraude??

Mark said...

Hey guys, I enjoy the podcast. You're discussions on the team in general and individual player performances are dead on, but PLEASE PLEASE for the love of god relax on all the movie/TV clips. Don't get me wrong I love just about every referenced source, but it takes away from the flow when conversation is paused every minute for a quote I've heard/said 1,000 times.

Not trying to come in and start slamming with negative comments, I like the podcast and just trying to add constructive criticism to make it something I love.

Other than that, keep up the good work.