Sunday, August 23, 2009

Show#21-Perpetual Drag

Okay, before we get into the new episode of Oral Sox, let's talk about the contest! It's the Out-Bacon, Beckham contest! When Gordon Beckham comes to bat, his walkup music is "Your Love" by the 80's band, The Outfield. It's cheesy, kinda terrible, and everyone seems to love it! So now's your opportunity to come up with your own walk up music. Send us your audio file or your suggestions (we'll produce the audio file) of you getting announced, including your name and number (and something else funny should you choose) and then your choice of cheesy 80's rock that you personally love! The entrants will all be heard in our next show and the winner will be picked by Adam and Jeff and awarded an Oral Sox Podcast T-shirt featuring our new alternate logo! It doesn't take long so send those entries to

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A .500 week and no real lost ground, but Adam and (especially) Jeff are not too thrilled with This Week in White Sox Baseball. We'll talk about the Royals and the O's, Scotty Pods, and Alex Rios. Then we'll hear again from the Ligue Crew and listen in on a special meeting between Kenny Williams and Scott Linebrink. We wrap it up with Sox Bytes and some uncomfortable sibling rivalry. Enjoy.
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Chad said...

I think this team is going to end up being just good enough to be really disappointing. Like you said, we've managed to hang around in the 2.5-3.5 range for the past couple weeks when we really should be gaining some ground.

I don't think I agree with you about Clay.. or whatever his Mamma named him. To say that the trade wasn't good b/c Clay has turned into a winning machine in a great pitchers ball park in an inferior league seems a little far fetched. There are plenty of examples of pitchers becoming world beaters once they move to the NL (see Smoltz, John and Lee, Cliff).

David said...

using career batting average to rank outfielders is insane. erstad earned those numbers years ago, and is valueless now. look at crisp's power numbers vs rios - crisp hasn't slugged much over .400 in recent years, whereas rios is a good bit higher.

using rios's 2 weeks as a white sox to rank him is not a wise statistical decision - everyone has a bad 2 week stretch.

if you think rios is a bust, that's fine - obviously, we won't know until it happens. but seriously, rios is WAY better than guys like erstad or rocco freakin' baldelli. they don't even belong in that conversation.

as for the tigers, they stink too. this season is just like last year - the sox and the twins were right next to each other for the last 2 months of the season. the sox and tigers will be the same - neither team is good enough to pull away, and their head-to-head will make the difference.

Adam and Jeff said...

Chad and David. Both wise and correct. One side of the podcast agrees with you.

calisoxfan said...


No matter how positive I try to be, I agree with you on the fate of the Sox. Contreras was HORRIBLE today. With "sweaty" Freddy going tomorrow can it get much worse? The question in Lando's mind right now is who to start next Saturday in Contreras's spot in the rotaion..... How about Linkbrink? Might as well keep things going down hill.

This team is like a bad 1980's T&A teen movie. Just when you think the nerdy kid is gonna get laid, something happens cause him to miss out. Christ so close!!!

As far as Rios goes, blogger David is right, you might not like Rios' current stats but jeez all of those other centerfields can't hold his jock. Give it time, give it time.

Keep up the good work on the podcast. You guys rock!!!

Dave said...

Hey guys, good show as always this week! Loved the high life segment. There's actually a bar down the street from my apt that serves a cocktail you guys would like: vodka and lemonde with a 7 oz pony bottle of high life mixed in. And its called a pickled pixie punch.

It tastes as bad as it sounds.

Calisoxfan said...

F'ing Linebrink!!!

Butch said...

Here I am in Boston, donning my White Sox jersey, just about to head out to a bar to watch the game when Contreras fucking melts down. Tuesday night, let's try this shit again, oh wait, no, let's put in Linebrink to throw the game away. Nice fucking work, you assholes.

Dan B. said...


I appreciate your lack of pessimism, but even you have to be questioning our chances to win the division. 4.5 games out is not insurmountable but the way this team is playing the "good" teams right now, I'd rather we not get embarassed in the playoffs.

Adam and Jeff said...

It's not over yet, Dan B. One thing I've learned while watching baseball, is to try and not be too emotional about your chances when things are going really good or when they're going really bad. Things certainly are looking awful right now. But this fucking team can turn it around and look great for a stretch. It IS possible. Do I like our chances? No.
What I think is more interesting is what Lando Kenny will do with this team if they fail miserably in the stretch. Does he change things more dramatically than he would have planned chalking it up to bad team chemistry? I wonder. Besides Linebrink, you can't really single guys out as poor performers. Now I'm gonna go have a pickled pixie punch and watch the Sox lose to Wakefield.