Sunday, August 16, 2009

Show#20-Tomorrow Forever

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The White Sox are treading water, but Adam and Jeff are diving right in to This Week in White Sox Baseball. We'll cover the games against Seattle and Oakland and hear Adam's terrible Rios parody song. Sox Bytes rounds out the show, with a hidden Jay Walking bit!
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David said...

i was all set to post about how surprised i was that linebrink had a good inning, and then he does all the with two outs. fucking linebrink. at least that's one white player you hate.


Adam and Jeff said...

Ha!! =) Yeah, we can all agree that we all hate Linebrink. He gives us that at least. He already inspired me to write a bit for the show next week ragging on him. the asshole.

Dan B. said...

I don't want to toot the horn of the Oral Sox Nation (or whatever we're called)too loud, but did we have something to do with the demotion of Linebrink from setup duties?

When the Oral Sox Nation speaks, Ozzie listens!

Van (ChiSox72) said...

When is the final day for contest entries? I have two and I am torn on which one to send off.


Van (ChiSox72)

David said...

here's a quick question for you guys - do you like ozzie's 4-man outfield? i love scotty, and he was huge during a mid-season stretch, but he's come back to being merely average, and i'd rather have Q/Rios/JD out there almost every night, with pods playing more of a Wise/once-a-week role.