Sunday, August 9, 2009

Show#19-Tragedy and Comedy of Errors

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Ending the week on a bad note with a bad series against a bad Cleveland team but first doing well against a good Los Angeles team leaves Adam and Jeff bitter and confused. Fortunately we have a good time at Bobby Jenks' expense and announce our FIRST CONTEST! Then we struggle through Sox Bytes and call it a show.
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Dan B. said...

Linebrink is my choice for the "who do you dislike more" contest.

Diogo said...

LineMotherF@#$%brink is my choice 2

Adam and Jeff said...

I hate it when big Sox news happens on a Monday...makes our show sound out of touch. Plus we sound WRONG. Sox claim Rios off waivers. Wow. I think this is a really good thing. Just strange timing. Plus a huge contract. Strange. We all need to go to more Sox games and pay for these guys.

Dan B. said...

I hope the Rios thing works out. If Kenny "Lando" Williams continues on his spending spree, you may need to reserve your Star Wars parodies for the Sox.

David said...

i guess i dislike linebrink more than dotel right now, though i think linebrink is usually better.

linebrink must have an injury or something right now, beause he never throws his splitter, which is usually his strikeout pitch. he's just throwing fastballs, and it's not enough to get anyone out. here's hoping he can get it back, because he'll be much better off with that pitch.

Chad said...

You missed the most important part of the waiver claim..we now have an Alexei and an Alexis on our team..

I think/hope this move will work out well for the Sox. It seems like Rios is a pretty good defender now (other people have done statistical research that seem to back this up) and there is a chance he'll get a bump when he moves back to center.

I'm not sure if the contract is THAT huge. Do we have anyone in the minors who could play CF? It seems like we'd have to go after a FA to get anyone and in that case we're bidding against other teams. In this case, we're not bidding against anyone (particularly since we didn't have to give up any players). We'll have to wait and see, but I'm not sure we could have gotten a better CF in free agency for this price..

How do you guys think this affects the off season?

calisoxfan said...


I came across your blog and podcasts about a week ago. You guys have some good stuff. It has taken me about 3 podcasts to get all the lingo and drops. All though a few still escape me... All in due time I guess. Keep up the great work and look forward to sending in my comments.

-Eric in Santa Barbara, Ca.

P.S. More Kenny "Lando" Williams!!!!

Adam and Jeff said...

Thanks calisoxfan! Glad to hear you're enjoying the podcast! Chad, Alexei and Alexis...we should have some fun with that. It's kind of fun with all these moves now. This IS our offseason.
There's Danks and the new guy Mitchell in the minors that may play centerfield, but they're probably a year or two off, so Rios makes sense right now.
As far as Linebrink, yeah Hawk and Stoney were talking about him being a one pitch pitcher. If he is injured, my question is, when ISN'T he injured. He really was a bad signing for the money. One of Lando's failures. Luckily he doesn't have too many.

Anonymous said...

Linebrink needs to go back to panning for gold. How does he tweak his back when all he does in the off season is swing a pickaxe?

Also, you losers need to lay off G Floyd if you're going to comic-con. Did you see him there?

Someone needs to pour a beer on our outfielder to wake them up. Maybe not Pods though, he's too pretty

Adam and Jeff said...

Losers, Anonymous?! Take it easy buddy. We love Gavin Floyd. He just looks like a nerd. And believe me, when you run a baseball podcast, (and yes, go to comic conventions) there's no illusions about being cool.
I love the Linebrink prospector hate though. Obviously you've been listening. Ha!
And interesting, that no one chose Dotel. You know I agree.