Sunday, April 17, 2011


Will Juan Pierre recover? Will Matt Thornton? Why does Jeff say that the Sox needed to lose that series to the Angels? Find out, on the Oral Sox Podcast. You can download the show by right-clicking and saving target,here.
Or you can listen to the show through our flash player by hitting the play button below.

One lonely win have Adam and Jeff sad but still hopeful for the White Sox season. We'll recap the games in This Week In White Sox Baseball. We'll have fun with the usual segments, hear from "Pulp Thornton" and wrap up the show with Sox Bytes.
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David said...

nice show, boys. the manny voice beats anything your older brother could ever write.

c4s: Brent Morel

btw, do you guys read ozzie's blog? the fact that he regularly writes in his own laughter there makes me think your impression of him laughing at his own jokes is even awesomer.

The Crazy Runner said...

about to listen, but wanted to get my C4S in. I am going with: Adam Dunn

Duke said...

I love the Ben Folds Five. I haven't heard that song in years, I liked listening to it.

My c4s: Juan Pierre

shane said...

c4s: alexei. i'm going back with the cuban missile who i picked two weeks ago but has so far been pretty good, i figure he's due for some stenchiness.

by the way, every week i expect one of you to mention that this isn't a true parallel for the hawk and steve stone picking against the crew on tv for pick to click, simply because they don't have like six different guys shouting different picks to click at the beginning of each telecast. statistically, not only should we beat you over the course of the year, but theoretically we should whup you.

Will Ohman said...

belated cfs: tony pena