Sunday, April 24, 2011

Show #5-I Hate Myself and I Want to Die

Are you on the ledge? Should they fire Ozzie? Was the opposing pitching THAT good? Find out, on the Oral Sox Podcast. You can download the show by right-clicking and saving target,here.
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Finally the White Sox losing streak ends, but a new one begins again, and Adam and Jeff cover it again in This Week In White Sox Baseball. They'll cover the usual segments in silly fashion and hear some mad beats from Will Rhymes and hear some advice from Ozzie Guillen Bat Whisperer.
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Will Ohman said...

cinch 4 stench: gordon beckham

David said...

c4s = morel

Adam and Jeff said...

btw, David from Texas...we biffed it and didn't play your voicemail like we intended to. We'll get you next week. Sorry.

shane said...

cinch 4 stench: juan pierre. yes, it's monday and the sox just won, but that didn't influence my decision. probably.

also, i was at my first sox game of the season two fridays ago (on jackie robinson day when i couldn't tell the angels apart because they were all wearing 42), and i thought adam might enjoy if i shared my two amusing CQ related observations.

first, at the beginning of the game, they have some kids from some little league team go out to the players positions and wait for them, and the players come out and autograph a ball for them and the kids run back in, right? well, long after the other kids had run back off the field, cq was still out there with his kid. whatever he was writing was taking much, much longer than everyone else. i like to think that he was composing a sonnet. or maybe some sort of limerick of intellectualism.

second, have you noticed what cq's at-bat music is this year: nothing. that's right, he doesn't have an at bat song. instead of even saying "eh, just pick something out for me" he actively chose having no song. you gotta respect that.

David said...

will rhymez!