Sunday, April 10, 2011

Episode#3-Everlasting Love

Are done with Thornton as your closer? Is this defense gonna keep up? Why is Bud Selig wearing a wig? Find out, on the Oral Sox Podcast. You can download the show by right-clicking and saving target,here.
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Jeff and Adam are hot and bothered as they cover This Week in White Sox Baseball, despite an overall good week. They'll go over the McDLT, your cinch for stench, hear Manny's steroid bust and go over the week's new in Sox Bytes.
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Dave said...

Hi Guys, great show as always.

I just had an idea for your Adam Dunn voice. I heard an interview with him a couple of weeks ago and thought he sounded like Dewey Cox from Walk Hard. Just kind of a generic hillbilly voice.

Love the show, keep up the good work!

Duke said...

Cinch for stench: SERGIO!

David said...

nice show, loved the food discussion; the nacho helmet sound wondrous.

as long as teahen doesn't play the field, he's ok. this dunn injury is the best thing ever for him.

c4s = juan pierre

Will Ohman said...

cinch for stench: brent morel

The Crazy Runner said...

Another quality show! I love Tweeting with you during the games also!

Cinch 4 Stench = AJ

The Crazy Runner said...

I dont wanna copy Adam, so I am going to CHANGE my Cinch 4 Stench. I will now go with, I hate to say it as he is my favorite pitcher - but I am going with Buehrle

shane said...

I'll take Rios as Cinch for Stench. To reiterate my logic from last week, he's some type of mexican, right? And mexicans don't like playing in the cold. Of course, that logic didn't work last week, we'll have to see this week. If Rios has a good week, I'm picking a whitey next week.

Also, Adam, I agree with you about the new away jerseys. Having the Sox logo on the sleeve is retarded, the black diamond with the white sock alternate logo looks so much better there.

Last night I was watching the Red Sox/Yankees game, but not really paying attention. The Yankees had pulled Sabathia and brought in Freddy Garcia, and I didn't immediately notice the difference. I was confused when they showed Freddy's face. It's not a good sign for him that he's easily confused with a guy pushing 300 lbs, I don't remember him being such a huge fattie last year.

Dave said...

Adam - On twitter you mentioned how awesome Ramon Castro's MLB Gameday picture is. Apparently others have noticed as well.

I thought this was great...

Adam and Jeff said...

Love the feedback and cinch 4 stench votes. Keep em coming.
Dave-Hillbilly voice seems accurate to me...maybe we'll try it out.
Shane-you're getting dangerously close to real racism. remember that on the Oral Sox Podcast we love our ballplayers no matter how brown they are. Any Freddy isn't THAT's not like he's as tubby as Buehrle.
Dave-great link! Glad I'm not the only one paying attention to these things. Thanks for passing that along. Really enjoyed it.