Sunday, September 26, 2010

Show #27-Bulletproof

Will Ozzie be with the team next year? What terms would you offer Paulie? Do you like gay group sex? All these questions and more on the new Oral Sox Podcast! You can download the show by right-clicking and saving target,here.
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A series loss to the A's and a sweep of the Angels have Adam and Jeff saying "who cares, so what?" in This Week in White Sox Baseball. We'll cover the usual segments and have another session of Phone Sox: this time another gang bang with JJ Stankevitz of Chicago White Sox Examiner, Larry from the South Side Sox and new comer, Mike DePilla from
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And very exciting, the Oral Sox Podcast now has a phone number to allow you to leave voicemails for the show! So go ahead and give us some oral 312-899-ORAL(6725)

Check out the guys from Phone Sox at:
JJ StankevitzChicago White Sox Examiner
LarrySouth Side Sox
Mike DePillaWhite Sox Mix
Another thanks goes out to those guys for lending their sexy insights.

And a thanks to Jeff for putting together the Paul Konerko "King" video! Check it out!


Mike DePilla said...

Thing I learned from my first appearance on Oral Sox: the exclamation "Don't stop now, boys!" applies to more than just a White Sox rally.

Take that any way you want!

David said...

i want a teahen video with a soundtrack alternating between his laughter and chunk from goonies heaving.

c4s - AJ

shane said...

I just saw your "I hope Jeff didn't see Manny big timing it to second like that" tweet and knew immediately what you meant, even three days later. I had pretty excellent free seats to Monday's game from a season ticket holder (the co-worker of a relative) and I couldn't pass them up, so I decided to just go and enjoy an evening of baseball. And then I saw Manny do that and I got very, very angry.
Also, is it just me or does Lucas Harrell look like a huge hick? I spent about two innings amusing myself by doing a hillbilly voice and saying things like "Now ahh don't know too much 'bout all them maths and jographies but I sure do know how to mayke a mean squirrel stew."

Adam and Jeff said...

Shane, you come up with this character now?? Lucas "the Hick" Harrell is gold, Jerry! Gold!