Sunday, September 19, 2010

Show #26-September Mo(u)rn

Did this week make you suicidal? What's going on with Jenks and Beckham? What's Joe Mauer besides racist? All these questions and more on the new Oral Sox Podcast! You can download the show by right-clicking and saving target,here.
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Yes, the season is over for the White Sox, but that won't stop Adam and Jeff from reliving the winless week in This Week In White Sox Baseball. We'll cover the usual segments, but bring in some fun by hearing from Will Rhymes, Jim Thome, Joe Mauer, and a special guest on the Phone Sox Hotline: Carl Skanberg of Smells Like Mascot!
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If you want to check out Carl and his great work, you can do so at:
Smells Like Mascot
Always insightful, always well drawn and always a must see for the Oral Sox Podcast.


Daniel said...

What's the source of the "What's the Difference" drop?

shane said...

I think that drop is from "Wargames" right?

As the winner of the CQ drop contest, I'd like to hereby decree that the Violent Femmes lyric is heretofore retired and each time Carlos' name is mentioned (whether in a good or bad context) it will be accompanied by the drop of Chunk fake puking. That's much more appropriate. I am so done with that guy. And by "decree" I mean "suggest".

Also, I was at the Halfway to St. Patrick's day game last Friday, and to add insult to injury, on top of the Sox humiliating loss to the Tigers, the giveaway green hats were pretty sucky this year. (Incidentally, going into that game I was prepared to simply enjoy the last two weeks of the Sox season and not fret the playoffs. Then, in the at bat after his home run, Manny struck out on three pitches and didn't even swing once. At which point I completely checked out for the rest of the year. Kenny had better not even consider the possibility of bringing him back next year).

Adam and Jeff said...

Correct Shane, Wargames. If you haven' And the CQ decree! Still have yet to see a pic of the giveaway hats. Have to check that out.
Somewhat satisfying Monday to see Linebrink still suck balls.