Sunday, July 18, 2010

Show #17-Thank You India(ns)

Did you get a chance to watch MLB's "The Club?" What's with all those mustaches in Minny? What does Don Cooper do while eating sandwhiches? All these questions and more on the new Oral Sox Podcast! You can download the show by right-clicking and saving target,here.
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Let's face it. It wasn't a good week for the Sox. A lackluster All Star Game and a series defeat to the much hated Twins leaves Adam and Jeff with no want of mustache rides. But we still have a fun show despite it and we'll discuss the games in This Week in White Sox Baseball. We'll cover the usual segments and due to a technical glitch...could not bring you an interview with JJ Stankevitz of The, but that shouldn't stop you from buying his White Sox Examiner Trade Deadline Primer.
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Again, sincere apologies to JJ Stankevitz for messing up his audio interview this week. Make it up to him for us by buying his ebook!

The White Sox Examiner 2010 Trade Deadline Primer is on sale now! Written in part by White Sox blogger and all around good guy JJ Stankevitz; it is heartily endorsed by the Oral Sox Podcast.
"The White Sox are almost certainly going to be active at the trade deadline. Want to know what to look for, who's going, who's coming, and so much more? Then buy my White Sox 2010 Trade Deadline Primer!"

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Oh and hey! Check out the pics from contest winner Shane on his last Sox outing.
Pretty nice shirt there buddy.

Plus he snapped a pic of a dude with a nice "Bacon" T-shirt Jersey.


Internet business at home automated system said...
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Adam and Jeff said...

We got spammed on our comments section of the blog. This podcast is finally going places!

shane said...

congratulations on the spam fellas!

just for the record regarding the guy with the "bacon" shirt, that was a real, genuine jersey with the numbers and letters sewed on. i wish i could have gotten a better picture of him. i just checked the mlb web store, that jersey cost that guy at least a hundred bucks. seems like a lot for a joke with a very limited audience, but you gotta respect the dude's commitment.

JJ said...

I own a Shingo Takatsu jersey. Isn't that a joke for a very limited audience, too?

shane said...

haha, nice. although jj, i think the shingo jersey's audience would be a bit broader than the bacon jersey. most sox fans should remember something about mr. zero's tenure with the team (probably the "frisbee" pitch which i remember hawk mentioning incessantly). however, what small subset of sox fans aside from oral sox listeners remembers the random ozzie soundbite where he mispronounces beckham's name?

that being said, had i seen someone in a shingo takatsu jersey, i'd probably have photographed them too.