Sunday, July 4, 2010

Show #15-Here We Go Again

Who does Ozzie hate more: Dayan Viciedo or Brent Lillibridge? Is this season over if Vizquel is injured? What's with this Adam Dunn talk? All these questions and more on the new Oral Sox Podcast! You can download the show by right-clicking and saving target,here.
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A .500 road trip, a series loss to the Royals and a series win against the Rangers kinda leave Adam and Jeff wondering which White Sox team we'll be seeing the rest of the year. They'll discuss these games on This Week in White Sox Baseball and cover the usual segments and discuss the playing time of Lillibridge, Viciedo, and the Dunn rumors. We'll also bring you commercial parody and Sox Bites.
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Dave said...

Great show this week guys. I want to commend you for the recent references to the Wire and playing Freezepop to close last week's show.

Not to go too nerdy on you, but Omar is whistling "A Hunting We Will Go", and not "Farmer in the Dell". I made the same mistake.

Adam and Jeff said...

Thanks Dave! And "too nerdy" is not possible. This is a baseball podcast. No delusions of coolness here. But yeah! "A Hunting We Will Go" makes a helluva lot more sense!! Never thought of that. Omar is even cooler now. And we are now nerdier.

Thanks Dave

Jacob Cottingham said...