Sunday, September 20, 2009

Show#25-Heartbreak to Hate

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Detroit is holding an auction for the Division crown, and the Whitesox are at the bar hitting on a transvestite. Adam and Jeff will recap the horrible week, yet again, in This Week in White Sox Baseball. We'll go to the zoo and hear some whisperin' and then wrap it up with Sox Bytes. Fuckin' Whitesox.
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White Sox Cards said...

Did the whole show load? It cut off in a weird spot. After "I love Mark Kotsay at first base".

Great stuff despite the week's lousy play.

Adam and Jeff said... do you listen to the show? I wasn't able to reproduce what you're talking about. Am i crazy?

David said...

that's happened to me once or twice; usually if i re-download, it works ok.

at this point in the season, all you can do is savor the little things, like hitting denard span in the head with a pitch. that was great.

who would you rather have win the division - twins or tigers? i hate the twins more, but i feel like the tigers are a joke and don't deserve any success; at least i can take the twins seriously...

Anonymous said...

Hey guys, here's a pretty funny Sox related article from The Onion.


Adam and Jeff said...

Yeah David, after hitting Span in the head I was calling for every twin to get hit in the head. Nothing else to cheer for. I agree that the Tigers are a joke, but I hate the Twins. There's not enough to hate about the Tigers. I don't want the Twins to get the satisfaction.

Anonymous, I was just telling Jeff about that article last night at the game. Good call.

Sigh Sox

Shane said...

I dunno, I tend to agree with David. Obviously, the Twins are much more worthy of hatred (damn you Cuddyer!), but the Tigers just seem so pathetic and inept. If the Twins were to win the division, it'd just be another year of "you can never write off the Twins too early...they're always hanging around at the end...small ball...deep farm system..." etc. I'd feel it's somehow more respectable for the Twins to represent the division.

It'd be funny to see the two of them play a 163rd game to settle it. Assuming the Twins win one of the last four they have with the Tigers, the game would be in Minnesota, and would conflict with Monday Night Football. It'd only be fitting for the Metrodome to go out in a blaze of schedule conflicts.