Thursday, September 24, 2009

Programming Note

Since Jeff and Adam will be out of town all weekend and in honor of Mackenzie Phillips admitting that her Dad fucked her a lot, your regularly scheduled Oral will be postponed until Monday. Plus, who are we kidding, the season's over anyway.

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Van (ChiSox72) said...

Can we discusss the recently seen
Jeff Cox "Mustache", I may have missed it before but this week the CSN camera have been focusing in on the "STACHE" Terrible looking not even worthy of calling it a Porn Stache. (IT IS NOT LIKE WE HAVE MUCH SOX TO TALK ABOUT EXCEPT PEAVY"S NICE GAME ON FRIDAY)

I think he is sinking into a deep depression becuase he knows "HE GONE." and will return to the Cell in 2010 only on Mullet night with his true Mullet.

Thanks fellas