Sunday, September 13, 2009

Show#24-You Know I'm No Good

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Without even winning football to cheer them up, Adam and Jeff recap the .500 week of the White Sox, talk about the future of Rios, Dye, Pods and Q, then listen in on Linebrink's meeting with his agent, and hear another word from our sponsor. An Ozzie/Kenny heavy Sox Bytes wraps up the show, and quick because we gotta pee.
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White Sox Cards said...

Great show, as always! You did pronounce my last name correctly. Thanks, it happens very infrequently.

Also, thanks for the extensive coverage on my blog. It was more than I expected.

Love the Sandler-esque bits!

David said...

WOW, harold3 bringing the hate for the white sox outfield! i hope he remembers his loyalty for pods next season when he's batting .240 again and running the sox out of innings.

i'm a sox fan - i love pods, and i love what he's done for our team (past and present), and i think we should bring him back next year - he's earned it from having a great season.

BUT - he's 33 years old, he has a history of injury, and he hasn't performed at this level since 2005. there are two possible things that happened - either pods has re-invented himself as a much better player, or he's having a lucky season. which is more likely, a one-year fluke, or a 33 year-old suddenly becoming an .300 hitter? the latter is NOT the sort of thing you can depend on.

again - i love pods, i love what he's done, and i want him to bat .400. but i don't want my team depending on him. as bad as rios has looked, he's younger, more athletic, and has a higher ceiling. the odds seem to say that he's having an anti-miracle year this season, and that next year his performance will bounce back.

just my two cents. i know you guys like pods more because he's a white guy.

Van (ChiSox72) said...

Totally agree with David on his thought of PODS and a possible fluke. I love Pods but am terrified of that Grion /Leg injury while rounding 1st or trying to make up for a bad jump in LF/CF. That being said his energy and lift at the top of the order can not be denied. I think (hope) PODS comes back in 2010 for a one year deal and is the LF with "TCQ" to RF cause old legs JD is either gone or our DH.

Think of the last time we had three GUYS WITH 20+ SB's in a year. (RIOS,GETZ, PODS) I cant remember it plus the litle shetland pony could get you 20 next season as well with Alexi getting 15+ That is 5 of 9 batters that could reasonably swipe a bag. So I think Pods keeps this speed element that KW(Lando) and Ozzie want to work with in 2010.

Please Chris write more Material.

Shane said...

Here's some good schadenfreude: with an at-bat tonight Mags Ordonez triggered his $18 million option for next year. Given that he's no longer a run producer, this makes Rios' salary seem almost reasonable (albeit not nearly as long). Personally, I think that's the best Tiger-related schadenfreude since they idiotically extended Dontrelle Willis to a big money contract after Florida forced them to take him with Miguel Cabrera.

In unrelated news, I think the most underreported White Sox story this year is that it seems like they're wearing their black "alternate" jerseys practically every day, home and away. I'm missing the pinstripes. I'm even missing the solid gray. I'm pretty sure they let the starting pitchers pick what jersey they wear that day, but what's going on here? If they think it's good luck, someone should explain that it's not working.

Adam and Jeff said...

Shane: Jeff and I had a conversation about the black jerseys the night before you posted about it. Great minds. I completely agree. Good guys wear pinstripes and gray.

David said...

white sox uniform tracking, last updated on july 31:

in their first hundred games, the sox wore the black alternate 55 times. too much black!