Sunday, July 19, 2009

Show#16-The Boring Show

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It's the boring show! With only the Baltimore series and one All Star to cover, Adam and Jeff talk White Sox stats! Fun! We also talk to the First Fan Barak, and First GM Kenny "Lando" Williams. A few Sox Bytes mercifully end it.
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David said...

nice unfounded speculation on obama's motives for being a sox fan - that made no sense. maybe he's a sox fan because he lived on the south side for several years? he was a state rep for the hyde park area?

only sox fans would be so cynical as to be suspicious of having the president as a fan - anybody else would just be happy about it. can't we actually have a fan who isn't a ligue or jim belushi?

David said...

also, those outs at the plate were both TERRIBLE.

as for the javy stuff, he's getting a bump from the crappy NL, and i like the stuff we got for him, but you don't miss him? have you been watching clay and bartolo? javy wasn't amazing, but he was better than you're remembering. and he never went missing like colon either.

Adam and Jeff said...

Give em hell David! I keep telling Jeff he's racist.
It's a good point about Javy, and if he was paid like the mediocre inning eater he is I'd be fine with him. But the fact is he was let go to shed salary and because Ozzie lost faith in him after his numerous poor outings at the end of the year.
He's not terrible no, but I certainly don't miss him for the price.

David said...

good point - javy WAS overpaid.

Dan B. said...

David, don't forget that Michael Clarke Duncan is also a White Sox fan. We rule the "D-list" celebrity circle.

Adam and Jeff, congratulations on making the step-up to vodka.

Dave said...

Great show this week, I was really only bored by the clutch stats. But I was doing 75 on the Eisenhower with the windows down, so maybe I just missed all the scintillating analysis.

I expect a record setting amount of jizz in my pants drops this week! There's a joke in there somewhere...

Dan B. said...

I can't believe what I just saw. Mark Buerle is amazing.

Dan B. said...

Sorry for the typo. BUEHRLE!

Butch said...

Jeff, do you not want Obama to be a Sox fan because the bandwagon is already full? Yeah, this country is just crawling with sooooooo many Sox fans!