Monday, July 27, 2009


A new perfect Oral Sox show is now available. You can download it by right-clicking and saving target,here.
Or you can listen to the show through our flash player by hitting the play button below.

Adam and Jeff are thrilled to discuss in great detail the PERFECT game of Mark Buehrle...and the rest of the stuff that happened to the White Sox this week.
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As requested and If you're so inclined here is the beginning montage as a separate audio file. Pass it along to your Sox pals and remember tell em were you got it. Thanks!
Buehrle, Perfect
To listen, just click. To download, right click on the file, select "save target as" and save it to your computer.


Chad said...

any chance you can make the opening audio available as a separate download?

David said...

here's your backhanded compliment - i was shocked at how nice that intro was. well done, boys.

Adam and Jeff said...

Here's a link to the beginning perfect montage music. Just right click on the link and select "save target as"
Glad you guys liked it. David, I'll win you over...I'm not as negative as Jeff.
I'd love it if this was passed around to all the Sox fans you know and that you tell em about the Oral Sox Podcast!

Adam and Jeff said...

Crap, it doesn't show up as a link...i'll add it to the main blog post as a separate link.

David said...

regarding the obama/weiss thing, i thought he was just trying to say "dweeze" and slipped up...we do know that he's a listener.

Dave said...

Great show as always guys. Can't wait for the next installment of Gavin Floyd: DungeonMaster. But I've got to vent a little bit about tonights game.

I could understand if it was Mauer or Morneau beating us. I'd be ok with that. But it seems like its always bullshit players like Gomez and Casilla who do fuck all against the rest of the league and look like All Stars against us.

I get the feeling we're the only fans in baseball who shudder when Nick Punto comes to bat. Thats bullshit. Why can't these Twins play like the losers they are against the rest of the league when we're in town?!

carl said...

The opening is very good. I'm sure every radio show created one, but I think that was the first one that I've heard. It seems like that happened a month ago.

Adam and Jeff said...

Thanks Carl. It does seem like a long time ago already.

Dave: Last night Jeff and I were talking about the same phenomena that the M & M 's don't really hurt's the Puntos, the Cuddyers the Kubels and the Gomezes. I guess you could say that the Sox scout M & M so much, maybe they lose focus on the other guys.

ChiSox72 (A.K.A Van) said...

Thanks for the intro feed/link, like I said on Twitter, best i heard after the PERFECT Game. Loved the HAWK and FARMER calls meshed in their. Keep it up.

Dan B. said...

Fucking Peavy?

I have this suspicion that this trade will bite us in the ass.

Dan B. said...

One more thing (not to beat a dead horse), but why has nobody commented on the President's references to Cominskey Field in an interview with Bob Costas?

This topic has been discussed to death but I still haven't formed an opinion on whether Jeff is a racist or not.

David said...

dan b. - have you ever heard jermaine dye's prayer circle? that was my first episode last year, and it almost stopped me from listening to the show, it was so racist! i'm only half-kidding.

the peavy thing is certainly weird - you can't be happy when you make a trade and there is absolutely no excitement about it.

my only hope is that kenny williams has been very shrewd with pitchers for a while, doing very well with who to pick up and who to dump (see freddy garcia, loiaza, contreras, thornton, jenks, etc). yeah, there have been a few misses, but it's been largely good. hopefully this will continue that trend...

ChiSox72 said...

Ohh Dan B. i have to agree Iwas torn at first mention of the Peavy Deal but then realized, We have Cooper and Herm and the past sucess of the trades for Garcia, Jenks, etc like David Mentioned. So I think we need 18 months to truly decide if KW screwed this one up. I will miss Richard's Joker (WHY SO SERIOUS) face he would show before every pitch though.

Go Sox make it three in a row against the Yanks