Thursday, July 28, 2011

Show#20-What's The Frequency Kenneth?

Trade talk, not-so-fond farewells and Frasor Crane.
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A series win against Cleveland and a series win against Detroit makes the Sox buyers instead of sellers...i think. Adam and Jeff host guest Mike Depilla of White Sox Watch and Dan Santaromita of Future Sox to talk about the Edwin Jackson/Mark Teahen trade. We also ponder what goes on in Kenny Williams head sometimes.
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Thanks go out to Dan Santaromita at Future Sox and Mike DePilla at White Sox Watch for joing us on the show!

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Jeff enjoys his nacho helmet
Adam enjoys the same helmet. That's gay.
Brooks Boyer charming everyone
Buddy Bell. I want to have dinner with him
I'm listening attentively.
Ron Kittle doesn't mind having his picture taken.


shane said...

That last caption seems quite apt. Nicely done.

Also, I've repeatedly heard the radio commercial that Jeff was talking about during all the day games that I end up listening to at work. What do you think the odds are that, at some point this season, Ed Farmer has asked Darrin Jackson "So D.J., did you ever spill one of those water cooler refill things and then jizz your pants?"

Adam and Jeff said...

The odds are roughly the same as Darrin Jackson stopping his "He's got some work to dooooo" catchphrase. sadly none.