Thursday, July 14, 2011

Show #18-Desperado Viciedo

It's the All Star week, and Adam and Jeff reward our listeners with no game recaps!
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It's All Star week, and instead of going over the week's games, Jeff will catch up with devil-may-care blogger, JJ Stankevitz, find out where they are now and another song parody.
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Thanks to JJ and as always you can check him out at Beerleaguer

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Also check out Jeff's inspirational speeches we featured on the show.

40 inspirational speeches in 2 minutes


Jay said...

Two ideas for some future show...a) the inverse of "Blogenfreude" where you drum up "bulletin board material" for the Sox, of other city's writers badmouthing them. (Twins in particular?) And b) an exorcism of some sort.

Those gems are free to you guys! Think nothing of it.

Stephen said...

"Racist Jim Thome"? Did I miss something?

Stephen said...

Or is it something from the dugout?

shane said...

is it weird that part of me just wants to be able to stop caring about this team? after losing 2 of 3 to the royals, we're still only 4.5 out, which can definitely be made up. but we've been around there for it seems like two months now. have the indians and tigers been playing as shitty as the sox have for the past two months? are the twins really going to pass us? seriously sox, either make a run or fall like 9 games back so i'm not stuck in this fucking wasteland of the baseball blahs.