Sunday, May 8, 2011


It's the Slumpbuster episode of the Oral Sox Podcast.
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This weeks topic: Slumpbuster.


shane said...

hey guys, i like the change of pace this week. while i agree with adam that it's ridiculous to blame just one person for the season thus far, i'm with jeff in that i cannot remember a time when someone said something like "wow, greg walker sure did help me out with my swing, he pinpointed exactly what needed to get done." but you do hear praise like that for cooper from pitchers, or from other hitters for their respective hitting coaches on other teams. so given that, plus the fact that it seems like three times a year we hear the "is it time to fire greg walker" discussion, i say let's just get rid of him. i'm sure there are some other former white sox with some time on their hands that we can plug in there, like ron kittle or craig grebeck or the corpse of ted kluszewski.

Matt said...

Worst show ever. Well done!

Adam and Jeff said...

Shane-"corpse of Ted Kluszewksi" made me laugh. Matt-not sure how to take that comment.