Sunday, May 15, 2011

Show #8-America, F&#@ Yeah

Does the recent winning give you hope? How do you feel about the 6 man rotation? Would you have Colon surgery?
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2 series wins, and on the West Coast nonetheless, have the White Sox on a roll and Adam and Jeff are there to recap the games in This Week In White Sox Baseball. We also discuss Tex Avery, Juan Pierre's WAR and Colon surgery.
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This weeks topic: 6 Man Rotation. Yea or Nay?

Watch the cartoon we refer to here. If you're a man of a certain age, you'll probably remember it.

Plus, check out Dan B! The Oral Sox Podcast can take you to paradise. Thanks Dan!


shane said...

Cinch for stench: Beckham.

By the way, in honor of dispatching A's despite the best efforts of David DeJesus, here is a funny DeJesus story from a few years back. I was at a Sox-Royals game when DeJesus was still with KC. In this game he was playing left field. I was sitting in left field a few rows up from the fence. In the middle of the first, two young couples (probably early twenties) came and took their seats in the front row in front of me. Is it racist to point out that they were black? Also, I recall for some reason thinking that those were the seats that they had tickets for, and that they weren't just jumping up to closer seats, so bear that in mind. The bottom of the first starts, and DeJesus is there in front of us. One of the guys in this group immediately starts heckling DeJesus, loudly and repeatedly shouting "DeJesus, you a fag DeJesus! Hey DeJesus you a fag!" He was emphasizing the "j", eschewing the preferred day-hay-SUS pronunciation. The three people he was with thought this was hilarious, one of the girls was doing this weird "ssstthhhhh ssstthhhh ssstthhhh" laugh. Anyway, after two outs security came and made them leave, which they did without protest or agument. Security didn't even warn them to keep it down, or ask them to see their tickets, or stand around to hear for themselves, they just came and escorted them away. They didn't even last half an inning, all because they wanted to tell David DeJesus that they think he likes men sexually.

Adam and Jeff said...

Carl Everret sunk to a new low that night. At least he knows when he's overstayed his welcome...oh and he still doesn't believe in dinosaurs.