Sunday, June 13, 2010

Show #12-Selling The Drama

Who's side are you on, Kenny or Ozzie's? How cranky is stuttering Lou? Did you go to the Hawks parade? All these questions AND phone sox with Jim Margalus of! You can download the show by right-clicking and saving target,here.
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2 series wins against the division rival Tigers and the crosstown Cubs are just the beginning for Adam and Jeff at the Oral Sox Podcast. We'll cover the games in This Week In White Sox Baseball along with the usual segments, and have another session of Phone Sox with Jim Margalus of to talk about Kenny and Ozzie. Sox Bytes is overflowing with talks of the draft, Lou Piniella, the Hawks, the dismantling of the team, and Jake the Fake. It's a long one folks.
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David said...

awesome peavy rant; couldn't agree more.

CfS this week is Q. he's so depressing.

Matt said...

cfs = alex cintron

Van (ChiSox72) said...


Shane said...

Cinch for stench: I gotta agree with David and take Quentin, I think I've reached my breaking point with him and I'm ready to call 2008 a fluke.

As for whose side I'm on, I was on Ozzie's side all the way up until Sunday with Andruw Jones leading off and Alexei batting second. We've put up with (and enjoyed) a lot of antics, but after that I believe I've reached my breaking point with him too.

Shane said...

I'm not sure what to think about facing Strasburg tonight. If we were facing a guy making his third career start whom I'd never heard of before I'd be completely terrified of him because those guys have destroyed the Sox for years now. But Strasburg is the complete opposite, he's hyped so much that I don't know what to think. That's probably weird, right?

Dan B. said...

Will be at the game today (6/20) in DC. Any chance I will be present for a sweep?