Sunday, June 28, 2009

Show#13-Dodger & Cubbies Blew

A new Oral Sox show is now available, and it's not all complaining! You can download it by right-clicking and saving target,here.
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Sox are 4 for 6 against the first place Dodgers and the damned Cubs, and Adam and Jeff are giddy but not carried away. We cover the games and how great Pods and Bacon are in This Week in White Sox Baseball. We get to know our Cubbie oponents and then enjoy the pain of our adversaries in "Cub"enfreude! Finally, much to Jeff's shagrin, we wrap it up with Sox Bytes.
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Chad said...

Best part of Pods in Center? He's not Ken Griffey Jr..

Anonymous said...

Why does your podcast download so much slower than the other podcasts (ESPN, NPR, etc.) on iTunes? Can you do something about this so I can get my Oral Sox faster?

Chad said...

First guy to ever complain how long it takes him to receive oral??

Adam and Jeff said...

Anonymous, it probably downloads slow because it's coming from our small server that isn't very fast. The big podcasts have faster servers (more money) and hence faster downloads. We're looking into something now that might change that, so stay tuned.

Dave said...

Love the podcast guys! Keep up the good work!