Sunday, April 1, 2012

Show #1 - Season 5 of the Oral Sox Podcast begins!

Adam and Jeff are back for another season of White Sox talk. If the Sox are no fun to watch, at least we can have fun talking about them.
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All White Sox talk all the time. Unless we get distracted.
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Adam and Jeff said...

Before older brother of the podcast Chris corrects us, I mispoke at the start of the show, it is indeed the FIFTH season of the Oral Sox Podcast.

And Carlos Quentin is now with the Padres...not the Diamondbacks.


The Crazy Runner said...

I was thinking the D-backs as well. This is probably because he was a D-Bag, I mean D-Back, BEFORE he came to the White Sox.

Keep up the awesome work guys and DO NOT get rid of Sox Bytes!!!

Adam and Jeff said...
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Adam and Jeff said...

Thanks Matt. So that's 1 in favor of Sox Bytes. Got it.

Anonymous said...

You lost me at "head coach". Baseball has managers.

Adam and Jeff said...'re a dick.

Brian said...

Awesome show and glad that the Oral Sox are back. Been missing getting oral from you guys all winter long. Welcome back and look forward to lots of funny, yet somehow insightful analysis and news again this season.

Also count me in for the keeping the Sox Bytes vote.

The Crazy Runner said...

Better get that voice ready for Hector Santiago!!

From Sergio to Hector!

Not a bad start so far for playing the back to back AL Champions!