Thursday, September 15, 2011

Show #27-Givin' Up

In which we talk about the offical end.
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One solo win in a trivial week has the season pretty much wrapped up. We talk about Ozzie and not trying.
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1 comment:

shane said...

“I no say embarrassing, but it makes you wonder if you’re managing well, if my coaching staff did their job," Guillen said, reflecting on the season.

Adam, I think we've had about the same reaction to Ozzie. A few months ago I definitely wanted to keep Ozzie around. During the season I became ambivalent about whether Ozzie stays or goes. But over the last two or three weeks I've gotten tired of him, especially with this contract extension garbage. Plus, he always says he takes the blame for the team's performance, and in the above quote wonders if his coaching staff did their job. Well, if they are to blame because they didn't do their jobs, shouldn't we get a new staff? At least, replace Ozzie and Greg Walker. Ozzie's gone from being interesting and funny to being weird and annoying. Did you see his "Jerry's God" quote?

As for who to replace him with, I'd be very, very pissed if Kenny is even thinking about Tony LaRussa. That dude is a paranoid megalomaniac who thinks he's more important than the game, frequently overmanages to the detriment of his team, creates random petty feuds with his players, and generally seems like a miserable SOB to have to deal with on a regular basis. I want no part of him.

By the way, the Halfway to St. Patrick's day hats were decent this year. They weren't the Dr. Seuss style hats that apparently some people were wearing. The giveaway hats were black with a green bill, with a green "Sox" logo with white trim. Much better than last year's. Sadly, a decent hat giveaway has probably been the highlight of the past month for this team. Yeesh.