Thursday, August 18, 2011

Show #23-The Glory Days

Titled in honor of Jim Thome's 600 homeruns, ugly kids in cartoons and 5 triples!
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A series win against the Royals and a predicted series win against the Indians leaves Adam and Jeff mostly tired. We'll discuss the 14 inning marathon, Louie Anderson and pizza.
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Jason Webb said...

Was looking forward to the Oral Sox podcast this week. Was sad to hear (I only lasted 7 minutes) that the show had been replaced by an Amazon commercial. Hope the Sox podcast comes back one day.

Basically I understand why you guys are doing the amazon bit at the beginning. It makes sense. However 7+ minutes on the amazon thing might be pushing it a little.

Adam and Jeff said...

Jason, You're right. It's too long. We'll reel it in. Thanks for the constructive criticism. Go Sox.

shane said...

guys, how does the amazon thing work with things already in my shopping cart? or what if i click through from the website, add something to the cart, but don't buy it on that same visit?

Adam and Jeff said...

shane, god bless you, but i have no idea. i would think that it only works directly after you've clicked-through, and that things in your cart from before wouldn't count. but that's a guess.
i'll update you if i hear differently. thanks!