Sunday, October 4, 2009

Show#27-Let's Hear It For Rock Bottom

The last Oral Sox show of the year is now available. You can download it by right-clicking and saving target,here.
Or you can listen to the show through our flash player by hitting the play button below.

It is the Year in Oral! Adam and Jeff are joined by older brother Chris for the final podcast of the year. We'll recap the week and the year, we'll hear from the players and their plans for the offseason, we'll talk to President Obama, reminisce with the Ligues and slip in a few Bytes. Thanks to our great listeners for making it a real fun year despite the crummy record. Listen through to the very end...heehee.
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Take a peek at the new alternate logo for the Oral Sox Podcast! And be jealous of winner David for his cool T-Shirt that he'll finally be getting shortly.


JJ said...

(awesome 30 Rock reference, guys.)

White Sox Cards said...

Ditto on JJ's comment. Kudos for the 30 Rock reference.

Unless there's a lot of major Sox news in the offseason, I'm guessing that the next podcast would be right after Sox Fest.

As for changes... just keep doing what you're doing. It's been great so far.

Oh yeah, before I forget... you can find full episodes of What's Happening on Hulu for free. I just watched the one with the head of lettuce named Ralph.

David said...

thanks for a great year of podcasts. it definitely made an often painful season more enjoyable.

can't wait until next year. keep bringing the rain and the racism.

Chad said...

Thanks for another great year of podcasts guys!

Also, in the ultimate breaking news on Monday after the podcast, it looks like Miguel Cabrera had a few too many Friday night.. The buyer is as of yet unidentified but I will always hold out that it was Adam and Jeff slipping Boone's Farm after Boone's Farm to Miggy..

Might I suggest a "How drunk was Player X?" or something along those lines segment next year?

Butch said...

Thanks for getting me through the season. You guys are the best way for out-of-town fans to follow the pale hose. Come on back next year!

Shane said...

after a prolonged absence, city drops are back!

i have to take issue with two things that jeff said during the three-not-to-watch segment. first, what's with all the jeff cox hate? he's arguably the best fielding third base coach in the league, which is an incredible asset. second, d.j. carrasco's stirrups were easily the highlight of the season, aside from possibly buehrle's perfect game.

Adam and Jeff said...

Thanks for the nice words guys. Shane, I'm with you on the stirrups...i like em.
As far as the play-in game...all I have to say is...that ball hit Brandon Inge. Total BS. Hate the fucking Twins.

Chad said...

you guys did the Dameshek cartoon? great work!!

VAN said...

Solid year of the podcast, I would keep it as is for next year, love the weekly recap of games and of course the "Sox Bites"

Maybe get older brother Chris, on the podcast a few times during the season with his Steve Stone like knowledge, I bet he gets all the AFLAC Trivia Questions. Seriously though his comments and added drops are great.

Have a good offseason, and looking forward to new contests and podcasts come spring training.

JeffW said...

That podcast has motivated me to buy a Lillibridge jersey -- outstanding!

Adam and Jeff said...

Hey Chad, good ears...that was us doing the Dameshek cartoon. In case anyone else wants to check it out:
We actually do the cartoons along with a buddy of ours. More can be seen at Plus there'll be The Offseason cartoons coming soon that I spoke about on the podcast.
JeffW...your comment has made me reconsider ever doing another podcast again.

Dan B. said...

Next year, I would keep the game recaps (they are invaluable for us out-of-towners) but tighten them up.
Also, as Van suggested you might want to do "Special" podcast where Chris is invited to sit in and comment. I don't see him as an everyday player like Lillibridge but he does have a sense of humor.

shane said...

by the way, great work on the alternate logo, that's really cool.

did you guys mention offhand that you were at the big hurt's first game back in 2006 with the A's when he hit the two homers? i was there too, that was a great game, pablo ozuna won it with a walk-off, two-out suicide squeeze. i enjoyed the reaction to big frank's first homer: standing ovation. i also enjoyed the reaction to his second homer: lots of booing (although i think that was more directed towards garland)

David said...

i thought they only made lillibridge jerseys in child sizes.