Sunday, September 7, 2008

Episode#24-TCQ KO, PK TCB, JD still Co-MVP

Wow. Okay i'm gonna try and keep it together. CQ would want me to. Carlos, I know you're not one to lay around and listen to podcasts, but if you did you can listen to the new episode of Oral Sox by downloading it by right-clicking and saving target,here.
Or you can grab the keyboard with your left hand and use your right hand to hit the play button to listen to it through our flash player.

We start off the show on the ledge as you can imagine with the GOD TCQ's being out for the year but we carry on with This Week In White Sox Baseball. We then play yet another tape from the Ligue Crew, cover some Sox Bites, and end the show with a very overused Green Day song when referring to baseball. I love it.
Get well Carlos...get me your address and I'll send you a fruit basket. sniff.

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