Sunday, June 15, 2008

Episode#12-Slumpy! Again!

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Sorry in advance, for a decidedly dour mood hanging over the pocast as we recap the week in This Week In White Sox Baseball. We try to forget the lack of hitting by making Sox/Cubs bets with a Cubs podcast, play a game of Where's OzWaldo, and revisit Ozzie Guillen, Bat Whisperer. Then we try a new segment of Sox News, talk a little Dirty Sox, and wrap it up.


Brian said...

hey dudes. first of all, love the podcast, just wish there was more of it! and, i don't know, but i really enjoy dirty sox. i think you could actually extend it!

so, here's a question... on tuesday night, swish and someone else, maybe ramirez (?) both started to take a walk -- swish only had three balls, and the other guy only had two. WHAT'S UP WITH THAT?! do you think maybe something could have been distracting them that would cause them to think they had a four ball count? do you think it could have been pirate mind tricks?

take it easy!

Adam and Jeff said...

Thanks for listening to the show Brian, and thanks for the comments. We love to hear feedback. Yeah we noticed those two "walks" too. Very strange. Hopefully we can find some comments from swish or ramirez as to what that was all about.
pirate mind tricks. lol.