Saturday, April 19, 2008

Episode#4-Oral Sox visit U.S. Cellular Field

Episode #4 is now available!
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The home runs keep coming, but the bullpen hits a bump in the road. We'll recap the last 6 games, interview Joe Crede (and Scott Boras) and then Fan Talk discussing "Who is Jose Contreras?"

Jeff and Adam took in their first Sox game this year on Monday night.

We saw The Championship Plaza,

There it is, shining bright in the goddamn cold of April in Chicago.

There's Juan Uribe going into the stands for the foulball out. Say what you will about Uribe, but that was pretty awesome. Plus I half expected him to come out of the stands with a hot dog in his mouth like Rosie O'Donnell in "A League of Their Own."

There's Paulie looking a little flatter than usual.

Ah, there's our boy A.J. from that great photo just after they won the series. Glorious.

And there is Joltin' Joe Crede. Five speed...we salute you.

We looked around for our brick along with many other fans and finally found it. Jeff came up with the interactive idea. Not bad huh? Did I mention that the Sox lost? I guess we'll have to work on our rubbing skills. I'll get right on that.
I had a feeling last year that they weren't selling a lot of these bricks. Every mother lovin' broadcast they were trying to shell these things. And I guess we were some of the few chumps to buy into it, because we saw an awful lot of blank bricks.
In our first podcast of the year we talked about the new food at U.S. Comiskullar. We felt compelled to try the new "Super Comiskey Dog."
Jeff claimed not to like the hot dog, but he ended up eating so much of it...
Adam ended up having to eat his own hand for sustenance. Lame.

So, a lousy hot dog, a White Sox loss, and cold cold night...but it was still fun!

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